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So much new stuff gets added to my little corner of the web, that this is the easiest way to keep up to date with it.  Hope you like this new additions page

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Last updated 06/06/2024

Explore Phoenix, Arizona Check out Phoenix, Arizona.

Traavel to the Big Island of Hawai'i Say goodbye to Clannad.

Traavel to the Big Island of Hawai'i Travel to The Big Island of Hawai'i.

Say Hello to Biscuit.

Our house gets a makeover done.

Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Angie said "If I'm paying for a two-car garage, I'm getting a two-car garage!

The great Blizzard of 2011 can be seen here.

Take a tour of our new home!

Napoleon High School Class of '88 reunion.

Long live "The Joe"!

Moya Brennan - Live in Chicago!

Celebrate the culture of the Celts and Moors. Bring your steppin' shoes!!

Meet Kimberly Locke!

Angie's new Michigan tattoo!

TASTE of CHICAGO, circa 2004!

New, easier to navigate wedding and honeymoon picture pages!

Wedding picture Our journey together officially began on September 3rd, 1999!

Cold as Ice!

Frozen Lake Michigan shot The ice is back!

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