penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Penguins and humans have a lot in common. We both like to play in the cold and slide around on ice. Penguins call it fun, you call it hockey! Angie and Phil made a trek to "Hockeytown" to see the Detroit RedWings play the Chicago BlackHawks at The Joe Lewis Arena. It looks like everyone but the BlackHawks had fun!

See you later!

The Detroit RedWings (originally called the Cougars, entering the NHL in 1927, became the RedWings in 1932) and the Chicago BlackHawks (entering the NHL in 1926) are two of the original 6 NHL teams (name changes notwithstanding,) and is one of the oldest rivalries in hockey. The quest for Lord Stanley 's Cup has fans traversing I-94 between Detroit and Chicago for years to see their teams battle on the rink.


Hockeytown..aka Joe Lewis Arena
Al the Octopus
How many Stanley Cups has YOUR hockey team won?
Angie at the rink.
Warm-up skate.
Fans need to warm up too!
Getting crowded by the net.
Stuggling for the puck.
The BlackHawks goalie's blade kicked the puck in!
Duck and cover!
Blocking the net.
The goalie stands alone.
Digging the puck out.
Ridin' the Zamboni!
Checking the team roster.
Full-on assault.
Bringing the puck out.
Mo Cheese entertains.
Oz protects the net.
How many players CAN you fit in the net?
Deflecting the puck.
Play nice...
or get ejected!
Fighting is allowed...
to help reduce high-sticking.
Three on three.
Onto the playoffs for the RedWings.

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