penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

It had been quite a while since Angie and Phil had a little bundle of terror to take care, so when a friend of a friend of Angie's at work said she had a kitten she found in her garage, Angie agreed to adopt the little one. Penguins don't do things like that. We just kind of drift around in big groups. Besides, we don't have garages.

See you later!

Whereabouts: Evanston, IL


Yo! I'm Biscuit. You know, cause my colors kinda look like a slightly burnt biscuit. Hey, I'm just the adopted semi-feral cat here. It's not like I had a lot of say in the matter. Anyway, here's the lowdown. My birthday is July 4th, 2021. The only other thing you need to know is this: It's mine...whatever it is! Got it? Cool. Now dig some of my way cute pictures.

Am I interrupting?
Nice hidey-hole.
Playin' with Mom. (click the pic)
It takes skill and balance
...oh never mind.
Back when I was cute and working from home.
Man, I really HATE Windows 10
Is it Inspection Time already?
Looks good down here Boss.
My rules, my printer.
Office time-out.
The Office Mac looks good.
Chillin' time.
Now who could that be? (click the pic)
I told you upfront:
It's mine
...end of discussion.
The box SHOULD say Pampered Cat
Watching the world go bye.
Hey you squirrels...get off my lawn!
It's been a hard day. I earned my Starbucks!

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud