penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Penguins don't usually travel much for vacation. One ice flow kinda looks like any other one.
Now Phil and Angie on the other hand, they manage find something interesting to do year in and out.

I need the name of their travel agent.

See you later!

If the question is
Then Louisiana can certainly stand tall and reply

She has managed to survive the one-two punch of Hurricanes Marco and Laura
as well as COVID-19 with humor and grace.
Just take a look at what Baton Rouge offers up in the way of a unique place to eat
as well as a state-of-the-art movie production facility.
Be sure to check out New Orleans and Arabi to the east of us while you're down here as well.

Roux 61 is keeping with the time-honored tradition...
the help go out back!
Celtic Studios did the interior shots for the AppleTV/Sony movie Greyhound
as well as assisting in the outdoor special effects on the U.S.S. Kidd in Baton Rouge Harbor.

Visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans
Pay your respects at Chalmette National Cemetary
Eatin' good all around New Awlins
Travelin' the neighborhoods

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud