penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Angie went back to her home town to celebrate her 20th high school reunion with some
old friends. Penguins don't have high school reunions, cause we don't have high schools.

Here are a few pictures to keep you on the edge of your seats..whatever a seat is.

See you later!

Napoleon High School Class of '88 Reunion

Angie and Lisha
Kim B., Kim's b/f and Sandi H.
Letha T., Jana S. and Theresa C.
Jodi H., Linda M. and Sandi
Angie, Lish and Jim
Waitin' for the food!
Obligatory group shot. "G" flashing!
Doug B. and Brenda L.
Lisha, Tina and Kim
Boogie Nights!
Dance the night away!
Party like it's 1988?
Lori G., Kris K. and his wife.
Kim G. and Jodi S.
Friends since 1st grade!!
Phil and Angie (a rare shot together)
Nicole V. and her hubby of 17 years. WOW
Billy K. and Jodi H.
Angie and Lisha. Friends forever!
Nicole and hubby, and Angie S.

See ya in 2018!

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