penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Phil and Angie took a little trip a while ago to a place called Florida. They did all kinds of fun things and saw a whole bunch of neat stuff! It looks like it was lots of fun.

See you later!

Updated 9/29/2010

As you can see from the map below, our driving trip to Orlando, Florida traversed a number of different states and to a lesser degree, cultures.

route map

The reason we bring up the subject of cultures is because as you pass from the mid-west into what is obviously the deep south, you encounter a number of differences that you might not have anticipated. Without getting into the stereotypes of pick-ups with gun racks on the back window (which we did NOT see), we did come across a few unexpected items of note.

Good-ole boy jokes notwithstanding, it seems Tennesse has a LARGE fascination with fireworks! Should you happen to travel I-65 thru Tennesse at night, you will find a selection of LARGE and very Las Vegas-like signs advertising FIREWORKS!! And we do mean LARGE signs! Tennesse also seems to be a bit uncertain as to what time zone it wants to be in. Taking I-24 from Tennesse to Georgia, you not only go from Central (TN) to Eastern (GA) but back to Central again, because you leave Tennesse for a short period of time, entering Georgia for a few miles then back to Tennesse again!

Not to be outdone, Georgia apparently has a big problem with DUI drivers. So much so that you will see a number of signs along the road advising how to contact the Georgia Highway Patrol if you observe someone driving under the influence.

The most unusual item you are likely to come across in Florida is a member of the fly-family, affectionately called the "lovebug!" Angie has a different name for them, but we won't go there!

Lovebug picture

The lovebug is know to bug drivers on Florida's highways during April and May, and again in September and October. They have also been known to reappear in December as well. Not only will they leave a mess on your car when they run into you, but as the bugs die, they become acidic enough to damage the finish of your car permanently. Folk lore says spraying PAM cooking spray on your car will help prevent this from happening. Washing the bodies off with a non-abrasive sponge and baking soda will more likely do the trick!

2007 update... We saw NO "Love Bugs" at all!

2010 update... We saw NO "Love Bugs" this time either!

To see some of the more pleasureable aspects of our trip, click on the links below.

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Indiana truly is a land bridge!

Marriott Grande Vista Resort
Kennedy Space Center
SeaWorld 2003
SeaWorld 2007
Walt Disney World 2003 - Epcot
Walt Disney World 2007 - Animal Kingdom
Gatorland - 2010

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