penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Of all the places Phil and Angie went to, SeaWorld is certainly MY favorite! And I'm sure it will be yours too.

See you later!

There is such a diverse selection of things to see at SeaWorld-Orlando, we had to split it up into two pages. This one features some of the less famous but still facinating sea creatures there. Including PENGUINS!


SeaWorld main entrance
Applying sunscreen
Stingray pool
Shamu welcomes you to SeaWorld!
Where you will see ALL kinds of life!
Stingray pool.
Feeding the dolphins
Dolphins underwater
Dolphins working the crowd.
Nice underwater shot.
Manatee - the lumbering giant.
Manatee from underwater
Entrance to Penguin Plaza
Emperor penguins
Just floatin' around!
Angie's favorite place!
A few Emperor penguins.
Chinstrap penguin
A penguin preening itself
A molting penguin
A chinstrap penguin
One of Ruby's cousins perhaps?
We aren't really sure what was up with this little one.
LOTS of penguins
Sea Lions resting
Hungry sea lion
OK. Everybody gather round for the group shot!
No description needed.
HEY!! You! With the fish!
Feeding the sea lions
A speckled sea lion
Stingrays and sharks
Just off to the right is Angie feeding the sea lions.
A more subdued approach.
Stingrays and Tiger Sharks.
Hammerhead shark
Needlenose shark
LOTS of sharks
Hammerhead Shark
Needlenose Shark
I'm glad there is about 6 inches of glass between us!
Sharks on the bottom
An ominous sight.
Such a deceptive appearance.

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