penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

The last place Phil and Angie went to in Orlando was DisneyWorld. They spent the day at Epcot center and went to a lot of different places there!

See you later!

Epcot is actually comprised of two different parts, FutureWorld and
the World Showcase (aka The Countries.) As you can tell from the pictures below, we spent virtually all of our time traveling the world while at Epcot.

Click on the items labeled in red to see some interesting pictures.

Mexico and its flag Norway and its flag China and its flag African Adventure outpost link Germany and its flag Italy and its flag United States of America and its flag Japan and its flag Morocco and its flag France and its flag United Kingdom and its flag Canada and its flag The famous Epcot geosphere

Some other pictures you might enjoy.

Disney character bus
Stairs leading to Canadian exhibit
English pub
The Disney character bus.
Entrance to Canada
An English pub..
A typical London street
Butterfly gardens
Angie in Morocco
with a cheeky English barmaid!
The Butterfly Gardens
Angie visiting Morocco
A japanese temple
A japanese gojo-no-to
Angie at the American Experience
A japanese temple
A japanese gojo-no-to (5-story temple.)
Angie experiencing America
A typical Bavarian village scene
Entrance to the mayan temple
Child playing in the water
A bavarian village scene
A mexican mayan pyramid
Click and watch the movie. It speaks for itself. QuickTime needed.

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