penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Walt Disney World is a REALLY big place in Orlando. So much so that Phil and Angie visited two different parts of it this time, one which they had never seen before. And there are STILL parts they haven't gone to yet. Typhoon Lagoon was a water park they visited, so no water-soaked pictures from there. The other one they went to was Animal Kingdom. Looks very hot to me!

See you later!

Since Typhoon Lagoon is a water park after all, we did not even bother bringing the cameras with us. It WAS a blast riding the river around the park, getting knocked around by the huge wave and the water slides. The place we DID take pictures at was Animal Kingdom. Sort of a ride/walk-thru African safari thing.


Main entrance to Walt Disney World.
Apparently SOME people weren't thrilled to be here!
The obligitory Florida/pink pelican picture.
The Tree of Life overshadows the whole park.
REALLY big frog!
Mt. Disney? Don't remember Florida having mountains?
Rhinopus or Hipposaurus?
A gathering of animals.
Some huge horns!
More animals communing with nature.
Just hangin' around.
This gorilla was mugging for cameras all day!
The Tree of Life. Inside it, we discover "It's tough to be a bug."
More monkeying around.
Mt. Disney, the ride!

Every day, a parade features some not so familiar creatures.
Some familiar ones.
And some REALLY familiar ones!
Where else but in Orlando could you see THIS?

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