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The first place Phil and Angie went to see in Orlando was the Kennedy Space Center. Known to most people as NASA! They saw a lot of spacecrafts and got to go where most people have never gone before.

See you later!

Located on Cape Canaveral, on the east coast of Florida, is where the US launches all of its spacecraft. Hmmm...lets find a piece of a state that has hurricanes, tourists and LOTS of water around it to put our spacecraft launch site on! Go figure.

KSC main entry
Kennedy Space Center - Gateway to the Universe!
Mercury capsule
Gemini capsule
Mercury capsule. 1 astronaut.
Mercury and Gemini launch vehicles.
Gemini capsule. 2 astronauts.
Apollo capsule
Apollo/Saturn 4 rocket
Discriptive plaque
Apollo capsule. 3 astronauts.
Apollo/Saturn 4 launch vehicle.
Three's company - NASA style.
Launch pad 39A
Launch pad cleanroom
Apollo 11 launch arm
Launch pad 39A.
Close-up of cleanroom on the launch pad.
The ACTUAL launch arm used for Apollo 11!
KSC Mission Control
Mission Control monitor stations
"Working" Launch monitor stations
Mission Control.
The actual launch monitor stations used during the Apollo project.
How they would look during an actual launch event.
VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building
Phil & Angie in front of the VAB
Tour guide Jeannie in front of VAB
VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building
This picture was taken by our tour guide...
Saturn 5 1st stage engines
Long view of Saturn 5 rocket
Apollo IX mission patch
Saturn 5 1st stage. These engines generate 7.5 MILLION pounds of thrust.
The Saturn 5 rocket in this building is FULLY FUNCTIONAL! All it needs is to be put together and fueled!!
Apollo IX mission patch. James McDivitt is from Angie's home town of Jackson, MI
Apollo XI mission patch
Actual LEM vehicle
Hand-painted flag and NASA logo on VAB

Apollo XI, first manned landing and manned moon walk. July 20th, 1969 (Phil's 16th birthday!)

A real LEM - Lunar Excursion Module.
Both of these were hand painted on the VAB. The flag was put up to replace the Bicentennial logo. The NASA logo was touched up so it would have 40 stars, for its 40th anniversary.

Interesting factoid: NASA is prohibited by Federal law to patent any of the discoveries it developes during its operation. They are made available to the public and industry free of charge.

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