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Williamsburg is one of the original and oldest of the colonial settlements, whatever that means. Penguins don't travel that much from the Antarctic so we don't have any "colonial settlements"! But it looks like a nice place and I'll bet Phil and Angie had a lot of fun there.

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In 1607, English settlers landed in Jamestown, Virginia, just a stonesthrow from Williamsburg. Not long after that a settlement was established in what would soon become the capital of the Virginia colony and play a vital role in the developement of the New World and all it's promise.

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William and Mary info plaque.
College of William and Mary cornerstone.
The Wren Building.
One of the more interesting parts of Colonial Williamsburg is still very much active, that being the College of William and Mary.
The College of William and Mary was named after King William and Queen Mary of England and established to educate missionaries to convert the "natives" of the New World to Christianity.
The Wren Building. Even though W & M is the second oldest educational body in America (second only to Harvard) this is the oldest continuously used educational building in the US.
The Kimball Theater
Long shot of the Governor's Palace.
Closer look at the Governor's Palace.
The Kimball Theater. The oldest continuously used theater in the United States.
The Governor's Palace. It was deliberately set back from the road to instill a feeling of awe and importance upon those who visited it.
A closer look at one of the few US "palaces."
George Wythe House
Market Square
George Wythe House. First person to sign the Declaration of Independance and creator of the first law school in the US.
Market Square.
A really big, really OLD tree!
Costumed horse rider
an unnamed tourist
What tales this tree could tell!
The present learning from the past.
Such a tourist!
Peyton Randolph House
Peyton Randolph House info plaque
The Magazine
Peyton Randolph House
The home of the President of the first Continental Congress.
The village Magazine. Where the weaponry and such were kept.
The Courthouse
Bruton Parish Church
The Courthouse
Bruton Parish Church
Most people couldn't read during the early days of the settlement, so signs like these were used to tell you what was where. Click on the sign to see what it says.
DOG Street
West Point Jazz Band
Local trivia: Duke of Gloucester Street, aka DOG Street.
Presumably a jazz band from West Point.

One of the coolest things we did while in Williamsburg was to take a "ghost walk" through Colonial Williamsburg at night. Unlike visiting haunted houses, this was a storytelling guided tour through the town. Some of the historical and ghostly references made on this page came from that tour. The tour itself is based on the book "The Ghosts of Williamsburg", written by L. B. Taylor, Jr. To learn more about the book and the author, click on his name.

Marriott Manor Club
Washington, D.C.
Heading Home
Vacation in Virginia

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