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A few years ago, Angie and Phil went on vacation to some place called Florida. From what Mom tells me, they have had some pretty bad weather there lately. So it's a good thing the two of them decided to head to a really old place called Williamsburg, Virginia. It looks like they had a lot of fun, so check out the pics and stuff.

See you later!

A little backstory first. We had originally intended to go to Myrtle Beach, but the resort we wanted to stay in wasn't going to be finished until December '04. So rather then spend a week in a construction site, we opted to head a bit farther north, to one of the original colonial settlements, Williamsburg, Virginia. As you cross the Mason-Dixon line, you can just about feel the pace of life slow down somewhat, with a slight peak around a little place called Washington DC. But more about THAT later!

route map of our trip

The route above might seem somewhat of a circle tour through the lower Northeast portion of the country, and it was. But an interesting phenomenon was discovered. The yankees have toll-roads, and the southerners don't (at least the ones we traveled on anyway.) We chose to take a different route back, mainly so we could visit with a good friend of Angie's who lives just outside of Cincinnati, OH and his girlfriend (and NO I didn't try to listen to WKRP.) Just outside of Cincinnati means Kentucky, just across the Ohio River. While we don't have any pictures to share with you, (karaoke being largely an audio experience) we did have a great time with them and wanted to thank both Mike and Heidi for their hospitality.

As you can tell from the links below, our trip is again divided into several different portions for you to enjoy. So click the links and take a trip to the east coast with us.

Oh yeah, just to confirm what we told you last year; Indiana TRULY is a land bridge!

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