penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

As much as Phil and Angie enjoyed their adventure in Virginia, it's always nice to be heading home again. Here are some of the sights they saw coming back to Chicago.

See you later!

The mountain areas of Virginia and West Virginia were a very cool thing to drive through, and made the trip home that much more enjoyable.

Virginia landscape
Virginia landscape
Virginia landscape
Some rain and clouds is all we got of Hurricane Ivan.
Heavily wooded mountain sides.
We did see a lot of fog whisping off the mountains.
Virginia landscape
Virginia landscape
Socks drying
Rock outcroppings like this were pretty common.
The mountains seem to go on forever.
A lot of these pictures are "sock" shots, cause Angie was drying her socks while she took them!
Virginia landscape
Virginia landscape
Virginia landscape
Small towns nestled amongst the mountains.
A road that seems to turn into the trees.
No description needed.
Virginia landscape
A long stretch of road, but maybe home is just beyond that rise!

Marriott Manor Club
Washington, D.C.

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