penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

While driving through Pennsylvania, Phil and Angie saw a lot of cool and unusual things. Here are some of them.

See you later!

Even though our route took us across Indiana and Ohio, the most memorable part of the trip going to Williamsburg was definately through Pennsylvania. It was without a doubt the HIGHEST part of the trip.

Pennsylvania landscape
Munching on Garretts!
Steep banked road
Part of the Pennsylvania landscape
Can't beat Garrett's caramel cheesecorn! Thanks Wanona!
Yes, the road DID bank that much!
Pennsylvania landscape
Pennsylvania landscape
Pennsylvania windmall farm
Rolling hills
More hills and mountains awaiting.
A windmill farm.
Allegheny Mountain tunnel
Tunnel entrance
Dark tunnel
Approaching the entrance to...
Allegheny Mountain tunnel.
Gets dark in them tunnels!
Falling rock sign
Slow going down the mountain
Speed trap, Pennsylvania-style
Apparently, the Allegheny Mountains only has ONE falling rock.
Trucks playing tag at 55MPH.
Where I come from, that's called a speed trap!
Pennsylvania landscape
We actually stopped along the side of the mountain road to take this picture. I think it was worth it, don't you?

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