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Phil and Angie decided to go exploring around the Virginia and Maryland area one day. This is where they went and what the found!

See you later!

Having gotten some very helpful information from one of the desk clerks at the Marriott Manor Club regarding the best way to get to Washington DC, we of course decided to go a completely DIFFERENT direction altogether (sorry Ana.) So instead of heading north to DC, we opted to head SOUTH and take a drive through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel system. All 17 miles of it!

Ships in the Chesapeake Bay
Cheasapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel system map
Entering the tunnel
Just prior to entering the first tunnel, there is a place to stop and eat, take pics, fish and whatnot.
This map shows the whole bridge-tunnel system.
Cars approaching the first tunnel entrance.
Overhead shot of cars entering the tunnel
Coming out of the tunnel
Tunnel exit point
A view of cars entering the first tunnel.
Our view of coming out of this...
a tunnel exit!
US Navy vessel in the Bay
Approaching another tunnel entrance
The Chesapeake Bay suspension bridge
Naval and commercial vessels traveling above us!
Approaching a tunnel entrance off in the distant fog.
The suspension bridge portion of the trip.
A view of how high up the bridge goes
Seperate north and southbound bridges
US Capital building
The bridge actually DOES go up that high!
This picture is noteworthy since it demonstrates how the system was not all built at the same time.
Oh, yeah. The Capital Building.

Washington DC license plate

If you were at all paying attention during the roll call votes at the Democratic (and presumably the Republican) National conventions, you might have noticed a bit of a protest from the Washington DC delegates. It seems that our elected officials have decided that the good people of the District of Columbia cannot be trusted to have a meaningful (if any) voice in their representation. I say meaningful because DC does have a representative in the House, all be it a non-voting one, and NO US Senator represents a population larger then some US states! Inspite of this, DC residents DO have to pay taxes into the federal coffers. No matter how you slice it, this essentially comes down to

If memory serves, this very subject was the underlying cause for a small party in Massachusetts that resulted in not only the tossing of some tea into a harbor but the eventual seperation of some disgruntled colonists from their home country. If you would like to learn more about this very interesting demonstration of people not learning from history, click on the license plate above!

Just to add some legitimacy to this issue, the background picture is a license plate of a
Washington DC police car!

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