penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Fish, while pretty much all we get here on the ice flows of the Antarctic,
are only part of the menu options in New Orleans. Does GrubHub deliver here?

See you later!

Here are specific instructions as to how to enjoy the many tastes of New Orleans.
Satisfaction is its own reward.

Step one, arrive at your hotel in the middle of the afternoon.
We stayed at the Westin, near the French Quarter.

Step two, play hide and seek with the mini-fridge
You win!

Step three (later that same day), decide to go explore the city.
Stop at fast food joint of your choosing.

Next day. Step four, take Riverfront line trolley car to first food destination

Step five, attend cooking demonstation
at Crescent City Cooks
Dis be da place
Learn cool stuff from
Nita Duhé. Eat great lunch there as well

Step six, take same trolley line to your next cool place to eat

Step seven, arrive at
Café du Monde
Place your order
Sit back and relax
Enjoy the best beignets in the world
Chill out and listen
Dig the New Awlins jazz sounds
Click the pic and groove on the music.
File may take awhile to load. Patience is its own reward

Step eight, take another trolley back to your hotel and relax

Step nine (later that night), realize you still need to eat dinner.
Call Vieux Carre pizza and pick up righteous late night grub

Step ten, next day. Sleep in

Step eleven, drive around New Orleans, killing time before a most excellent early dinner

Step twelve, arrive at Mr B's Bistro
Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere
You both start off with gumbo yaya
Your partner has Bacon Wrapped Shrimp & Grits
You have Mr. B's Barbequed Shrimp
For dessert, your partner has Hot Buttered Pecan Pie ala-mode
You have Lemon Ice Box Pie

Lucky Step thirteen, you manage to get back to your hotel.
Totally satisfied with your bad self.

Visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans
Pay your respects at Chalmette National Cemetary
Check out Baton Rouge
Travelin' the neighborhoods

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