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There is a natural order to things down in Antarctica. Penguins mostly keep to ourselves
and try to stay ahead of the ever-present walruses. It's a simple way of life.

See you later!

During the war of 1812, the battle for New Orleans was waged on this very site.  

Below are some of the facts about that fateful battle,
waged by then General Andrew Jackson on the Chalmette Plantation.
The succesful defeat of the British brought an end to the war of 1812 ,
and secured the Lousiana Purchase.

This allowed for eventual settlement along the Mississippi River.

Entrance to the battlefield 
Overview of the battle and its significance 
Description of General Jackson's monument 
Long view of General Jackson's monument  
Closer view 
Describing the main attack 
Location of British batteries 
British battery 4 
Long view of British batteries 5 and 6 location  
Descripiton of British batteries 5 and 6 
Site of British 93rd Obolique battle   
Description of the 93rd Obolique battle 
Description of British General Pakenham's fall   
Description of the defensive position known as Rodriquez Canal 
A typical cannon placement  
Perhaps the herons viewed it all from afar 

Check out Baton Rouge
Pay your respects at Chalmette National Cemetary
Eatin' good all around New Awlins
Travelin' the neighborhoods

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