penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Antarctica doesn't offer much in the way of neighborhoods to wander through. If you've seen one walrus-perched iceberg,
you've seen them all. New Orleans on the other hand, looks like a pretty cool place to exploring.
I'll have to ask Mom if we can go visit it sometime.

See you later!

The neighborhoods in New Orleans offer a wide range of things to see and do, under normal circumstances.
Unfortunately, when we went to visit, it was hardly normal times.
There was evidence of COVID-19 affecting everyone all around.
Some obvious, some not so obvious.
Toss in a hurricane or two and...well you get the picture.

Nevertheless, we did get to visit a few sites that look somewhat familiar.

The Place d'Armes hotel.
We got an email from them about a month before we left saying they would be closed until September 19th! COVID-19 strikes.
Preservation Jazz Hall. World famous jazz performance venue. Just ask Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl.
Closed until further notice. COVID-19 strikes again.

719 St. Ann
Private off-street parking
Nice balcony view
Or is the New Orleans branch of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service?
Private off-street parking and secure entrance.
NCIS New Orleans
By day, the Royal Street Bar, 1431 Royal Street
By night, Dwayne Pride's TruTone bar and jazz club
Nice color scheme
Great archtecture

On October 12th, 2019, the top 7 floors of the under construction Hard Rock Hotel collapsed, killing three workers. The last body would not be recoverd until July 10th, 2020. A covering tarp would sometimes blow open, revealing the last body in the wreckage.
Evacuees from Port Charles could be found outside several New Orleans hotels, which were being used as temporary housing for victims hit by Hurricanes Marco and Laura. New Orleans stands tall!

Visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans
Pay your respects at Chalmette National Cemetary
Check out Baton Rouge
Eatin' good all around New Awlins

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