penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

We kinda have mountains down here in the Antartic. We call them icebergs, and they all look a lot alike. Now the mountains Phil and Angie saw are REALLY big and seem to be pretty different too. Looks like a lot of fun exploring them.

See you later!

Depending on your point of view or disposition, mountains in general and the Rocky Mountains in specific can be seen as either awesome sights of nature's power or really big hills!
These are only SOME of the pics of the mountains we took. You can draw your own conclusions.

Great panoramic view.

Angie making a presentation.
A lone mountain north of Colorado Springs.
Lots of vegetation.
REALLY lots of vegatation.
Go in one side of North America...
come out the other side!
Some things you hope you never need to use.
Way off in the distance.
Driving into the clouds?
Bright, sunshiny day!
Just one?
This is why they are called the ROCKY Mountains.
Some settlements.
Lots of erosion made that split.
Even the Rockies had to deal with the drought.
Lake level was way down.
A closer view of that mountain split.
Very low water levels
Nothing need be said.

Visit Breckenridge, Colorado.
Visit the US Air Force Academy.

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