penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Sometimes tourists come here to visit us. They usually take a lot of pictures and complain about how cold it is. HEY...we don't come to your home and complain about the traffic! What Phil and Angie DID complain about while in Breckenridge was the AIR (or the lack thereof!) Can't please everybody I guess.

See you later!

The town of Breckinridge, Colorado (NO, it's not misspelled...don't read ahead!) was founded in 1859 and named after Vise President Cabell Breckinridge. (See...told ya.)
Because of his involvement with the Confederate Army in the Civil War, he was expelled for treason. The town quietly changed its spelling to Breckenridge and has remained so ever since. So I guess you could say they got an "E" for effort!

Something we didn't expect to see.
Elevation 9600 feet.
Clear water, tall mountains.
The rain was mostly a bluff.
Clouds skimming over the Rockies.
The Dredge Restaurant
Actually sits above an actual river dredge boat.
After all, it WAS our anniversary.
A plaza just outside our resort.
A more expansive view.
The Breck Connect Gondola.
Heading towards the base of Peak 8.
Working our way up the mountain.
Most of the gondolas were empty.
An 18-hole mini golf course
People heading up to the summit.
Happy Gilmore Jr!
Some people coming down from the summit!
Their were dogs EVERYWHERE!
Making our way back down again.
Ships passing in the light.
The view from below.
Shake, Rattle and Roll!
Wave to the nice people.
A view of Breckenridge from about 10,000 feet.
The story of Barney Ford.
Mr. Ford was the first slave to escape via the Underground Railroad.
A Underground Railroad map.
Barney Ford.

Visit the US Air Force Academy.
Experience the Rocky Mountains!

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