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Penguins are called a "flightless-bird", whatever that means. We kinda fly. Like when we are sliding off a big iceberg or trying to escape a walrus! This year, in their travels, Angie and Phil visited a place where humans get trained to fly and do so much more. And they don't have ANY wings. Go figure.

See you later!

The United States Air Force Academy was originally located at Lowry Air Base, near Denver and Aurora, Colorado. The present Academy, just outside of Colorado Springs, graduated its first class in 1959.

The most recognizable building on the Academy campus is the Cadet Chapel. It is also the most visited place in Colorado. According to the Chapel designers at Skidmore, Ownings and Merrill of Chicago, there is no significant reason behind the 17 spires in the building. Perhaps it gets its inspiration from the original 13 US colonies as well as the 4 major religions it hosts inside. The upper portion of the Chapel is for Protestants, with Catholics, Jewish and Buddist chapels located directly below. There is also a separate area for Earth-Centered faiths (the Falcon Chapel) and a non-denominational All-Faiths rooms.

Viewing the Academy from a distance.
The Chapel stands out even from afar.
Entering the main Academy grounds.
Spirit takes many forms..
And any expense!
The upper "quad" if you will.
Our first up close view of the Chapel.
Stained glass trim.
Worship takes flight!
The Protestant Chapel.
The main pipe organ. Pipes range from 32' to pencil size!
Stained glass apportments all around.
Lest we forget.
The Protestant chancel.
Is it a cross?
People emerging from the other chapels.
The Catholic Chapel.
The Jewish Chapel.
A "Holocaust Scroll", found in 1989 in Poland.
Jerusalum stones donated by the Jewish Defense Forces.
The Buddist Chapel.
Our first sighting of cadets moving from class to class.
Other cadets enjoying the grounds.
A reminder that this IS the U.S. Air Force Academy.

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