penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Things don't change much here in terms of who owns what and stuff like that. It's just ice and snow and penguins and walruses and that's pretty much it.

See you later!

What we now know as Planet Hollywood has had a very storied past, and more then a few owners along the way.
After a minor stutter in the mid '60s, it started out as the Aladdin, which is what it was when we saw it.
How long will it be Planet Hollywood is anybody's guess.

A lit miniature Eiffel Tower is the symbol of The Paris hotel

Just to the right of it
is where the Aladdin used to be.
While we enjoyed lunch
this VERY acrobatic woman
did things on her hands

most people can't do standing up. Including shooting a firey arrow!

The current resident of that location.

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud