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Phil took a business trip to San Francisco for a few days, and then Angie got to join him. These are some of the things that they did in the City by the Bay. It looks like it was alot of fun.

See you later!

Playing in San Francisco

St. Francis hotel lobby
St. Francis hotel lobby
Lobby Clock
We stayed in one of the oldest and most grand hotels in the market district..the St. Francis.
The St. Francis lobby is busy almost 24 hours a day.
The Lobby Clock watches over history as it faithfully ticks away the years.
San Francisco skyline
pacific ocean shot
dark waves
The San Francisco skyline taken from one of the hotels glass elevators.
Even blurry, you can feel the awesome power of the Pacific Ocean that was being unleashed that week.
This shot was taken without flash...reminescent of an illustration from a turn of the century novel.
Robin Williams house
old toys
cable car interior shot
This is Robin Williams house. Shooting it with a long lens and on the fly at night...the National Enquirer would be proud.
Some very old arcade toys, like the old fortune teller machine in BIG. We visited a whole museum of these things near Cliff House.
No trip to San Francisco is complete without at least ONE trip on a cable car! This shot shows some of the mechanism inside the car.
cable car museum
cable car museum
cable car museum
These huge spinning pulley-like guides are called shieves. By putting them on an angle, the cable cars can go around corners!
These are the primary drive motors and shieves for two of the four cable car lines.
As with any type of mechanical device, things break and need to be fixed. This is where the cable cars get repaired.
cable car museum
cable car turntable
fisherman's wharf sign
This is a shot of the only remaining ORIGINAL cable car! The same, only different.
Some cable cars can only go forward, so when they reach the end of the line, they have to be manually turned around to reverse the route. Click the picture to watch it happen.
Our first tourist stop...Fisherman's Wharf.
swimmer in the bay
swimmer and alcatraz
We saw this nut case swimming in the bay just off the even LOOKS cold.
A longer shot of the swimmer, with Alcatraz Island in the background.
When we were there in '01, some pretty severe tides had temporarily washed out the ferry docks on the island.
alcatraz island
ghirardelli square
chocolate mixer

Three years later however, the weather was PERFECT for a visit to "THE ROCK" Click the pic to see more of Alcatraz Island!

Not far from Golden Gate park is Ghirardelli Square, home of the original Ghirardelli chocolate factory. YUMMMM!
These next three shots are of chocolate making machinery, used to produce some of the chocolate items actually sold at the sundae bar at the Ghirardelli shop.
cocoa bean crusher
chocolate liquid stirrer
chocolate square dies
A cocoa bean crusher.
This device has an arm that is constantly moving the liquid chocolate to keep it from hardening or getting lumpy.
These dies were actually used to make Ghirardelli chocolate squares.
unsuspecting tourist shot
bushman shot
bill gates wax figure
The lady in red was VERY suspicious of the somewhat out-of-place foliage on the sidewalk. Click the pix to find out why.
A good quality product will always stand the test of time.
After lunch at the Wharf, we visited a wax museum. Interesting who we should find sitting in a classroom.
wax museum display
wax statue of painting model
Scary wax movie
This was on the chalkboard B.G. was sitting in front of!
A wax model of a imitating art?
Scary Movie perhaps?
shot of Adrian Hernandez
adrian's work
san francisco skyline at night
Saturday night, while on the way to have dinner with a friend of ours, we happened upon a street artist by the name of Adrian Hernandez.
If you look closely at the top row, second from the right, you can see the one we bought. It just sort of stood out amongst the rest of them.
San Francisco's skyline at night...bidding us fairwell.

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