penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...HA HA fooled ya! On this page you can see all kinds of stuff about my friends Phil and Angie. Mom said if I was real good, I could stay up and read about how they met, but I'll let you do it first. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. They have a couple of cats too, whatever they are.

See you later!

Angie's 40th birthday video

Everything You Wanted To Know About Us...

picture of Angie Barker All about Angie

picture of Phil Barker Phil's Phile

How we got started on our journey together.

picture of Phil and Angie Our first meeting.

picture of Angie's engagement ring Will you marry me?

Our wedding announcement.

picture of the newlywed couple Do you Angie...

picture from Phil and Angie's honeymoon trip What a long, strange trip this is!

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud