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From what Phil and Angie told me, a dam is a really big thing used to stop water from going someplace it is already going to. We call those walruses!

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Hoover Dam

At the height of the Great Depression (1930 to be exact), President Herbert Hoover
oversaw a project initially called Boulder Canyon Dam. The primary purpose
(contrary to what most people think) was NOT to create electricity, but
to control the distribution of water and provide flood control from the Colorado River.

The Dam itself sits on the border between Nevada and Arizona, as well as the dividing line between the Mountain and Pacific Time zones.

It wasn't until Congress passed a series of resolutions in 1947
that the name was changed to "Hoover Dam" to recognize his foresight.

Here are some pictures of that monument to President Hoover's vision.

8 seperate generators provide hydro-electric power inside Hoover Dam.
A closer look at one of them.
This tiny generator powers the dam itself!
A cool graphic to illustrate water movement through and around the Dam.
From this..
came this!
Looking down into the Dam cavern.
Water exiting the Dam.
Colorado River Bridge, bypassing US 93 at the Dam.
A long shot looking into the waterway in front of the Dam.
Ed, Sue, Phil and Angie.
Lake Mead, just behind the Dam
Water being held back by the Dam.

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