penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Lake Michigan must be a pretty big place to drive around, cause it took Phil and Angie three days to do it!

See you later!


We got up early (aren't honeymoons and vacations for sleeping late?) and headed up to Mackinac City, where we got a ferry shuttle to Mackinac Island.  There are three competing ferry lines that run to the island, each costing about $13.50 round trip per person, before discounts (thank you AAA!)  We took Arnold Ferries, which was not only the first one we came to, but also seemed to be the most accommodating.  It also turned out to be docked right in front of the Mackinac Island buggy ride we decided to take!  It takes about 16 minutes to get from Mackinac City to the island.  Until this very small section of Lake Huron freezes over for the winter, the ferries are the only way to get to or from Mackinac Island.

Ferry ride to Mackinac Island
Ferry ride to Mackinac Island
Land ho!
Angie having fun on the ferry.

Once that happens, people can actually snowmobile across the lake  We thought this was much more enjoyable!

Upon reaching the island, we took the buggy tour rather then hoof it around the place.  Yes, what you have heard is true.  Mackinac Island has NO PRIVATELY owned vehicles.  In fact, the only motor-driven vehicle we saw was a small KAT for construction work.  There are of course ambulances and police cars and in a very ironic juxtaposition of clashing times, a heli-pad for medical and other emergencies!

The buggies come in either two or three horse teams, depending upon where in the tour you are.

Horse and buggy team.
Michigan Governor's summer residence.
Arch rock formation.
A two horse team, used at the end of the tour.
The Governor's Mansion.  The official summer residence of Michigan's Governor.
A natural arch rock formation.
Taking a break.
Taking a break before doing some power shopping!

After taking a brief respite, we did some touristy shopping (real Mackinaw Island fudge, moccasins and the like,) and the left the island, returning to our motel for the rest of the day.  To travel with us through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, see below.

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