penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

We don't have a lot of different kinds of landscapes to look at down here at the South Pole. You folks up north in the US have it pretty lucky, what with canyons and such to explore.

See you later!

Millions, perhaps even billions of years ago,
the mighty Colorado River started its path towards the Gulf of Mexico or even the Pacific Ocean.
In the process of this inexorable movement, the Grand Canyon was carved and the rest is,
as they say...history!

These are just a few pictures to remind us of something greater then ourselves at work in the Universe.

It isn't called the GRAND Canyon for nothing!
Rosie's in Arizona. The proverbial last stop before the Canyon.
The West Rim. Closest to Vegas, yet least visited rim of the Canyon.
Grand Canyon West Ranch.
One of the buttes of the Canyon.
A Joshua Tree standing witness.
The beginning of Hermit's Trail.
Now there is a sign you don't see every day!
The Skywalk. $30 extra..but you can't take ANYTHING out there but yourself!
Looking straight down, about 4000 feet or so.
Take a deep breath...
Phil and Angie
Ed and Sue (Angie's folks)
Nothing meaningful could be said from here on out...
I won't try.
A reminder of what carved this out to begin with.
Closer look of the water way below.
This was HAND-DRAWN by one of the Hualapai Indians for Sue...on the spot!

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud