penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

We don't have many places to go to in Antartica. Just the same old floating ice chunks and such. Phil and Angie did find a really nice bed and breakfast to stay at in a town called Galena, Illinois. Looks like they had lots of fun there.

See you later!

We had decided to take a well deserved mini-vacation but didn't want the same stuff as always. So Angie went looking for a bed and breakfast and found one in Galena, which was someplace we had talked about going for a while. The Huckleberry Inn was definitely as cozy as it looks!
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Once you get out of the greater Chicago area...
you aren't really sure...
WHERE you are!
Our home for the next two days. The Huckleberry Inn, Galena, Illinois.
Nice, pleasant looking.
These stairs lead you to a quieter time.
Huck's Hideaway.
Very roomy and airy.
Didn't know Huck had TV and DVD!
Modern indoor conveniences.
Old-style claw foot tub. Angie's favorite!
We had breakfast out here Sunday morning.
Even though Barb and George Annino were our hosts, Shadow runs the inside of the house..
and Sierra watches the outside!
A very quiet, small-town main street.
Crowded with shops, cars..
and motorcycles.
Bikes with trailers.
Choppers from Miami too.
Nice paint job.
Sunday we toured the town in a trolley like this.
Downing House. The oldest house in Galena.
Old-style ice cream parlor, with original fixtures.
Mountain Man
Everybody shops in Galena!
Can you REALLY have new antiques?
We were there, and they were here. Go figure!
President Grant's Home
Living Room
Dining Room
Statue of Grant, Lincoln and another person (we forgot who!)
Cookin' biscuits in the Kitchen.
The bedroom.
Porcelain set.

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