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Antartica, the coldest frontier. These are the stories of the Emperor penguins. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new ice flows. To seek out new unprotected penguins. To boldly avoid sea lions and polar bears.

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In Ticonderoga, New York is the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.
These sets have been faithfully recreated from original set design drawings and have been visited time and again by both Star Trek fans and actors alike, INCLUDING William Shatner himself (on several occasions).
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to walk the halls and the bridge of the starship Enterprise, you HAVE to go.

Perpare to be amazed.
Drinks on me.
Can you name the 8 episodes these items came from? The answer is below.
Various medical devices (most of which were salt and pepper shakers!)
Nothing to wear?
NASA wanted to know how the doors opened so quickly!
To boldly go...
You can actually hear the ship humm in the hallways.
The main Transporter Room
The bottom of the pad was turned upside down and used in The Next Generation main Transporter Room!
6 to beam down.
Sick Bay
This medical scanner was an inspiration for future hospital beds.
Ward room beds.
McCoy's office.
The squirt bottle was a new thing back in the mid '60s.
Decompression Chamber.
Only seen in one episode.
Briefing Room
If this table could talk.
The Briefing Room could also be used as an emergency bridge.
The ORIGINAL 3D chess set.
Spock's Vulcan Lyre.
Dig the autographs.
Captain Kirk's quarters
A Captain's work is never done.
Readin' and eatin'
Time for bed.
Commander Spock's quarters
From a shooting standpoint, the same bedroom was used for both Kirk and Spock.
Do you know what this and who it's named for? The answer is below.
Main Engineering
Not really sure what the upper level was for.
First look at the warp core.
Primary engineering control station.
Engineering monitoring station 1.
Engineering monitoring station 2.
USS Enterprise commissioning plaque, to left of turbo lift on bridge.
Overhead/port visual to right of turbo lift.
Main viewing screen, as seen from the Yeoman's POV.
Helm/weapons and Navigation station.
Main conn and Nav-Helm stations.
Communications Officer station.
Science Officer's station.
Secondary Science station.
Weapons monitoring station.
Primary Engineering monitoring station.
Miscellaneous ships function monitoring station.
Back to reality.
United Federation of Planets flag.
Starfleet Command flag.

Click for the answers to the quizzes.

Congratulations on having been named the first official Constitution Class vessel
Starfleet museum, as designated by the United Federation of Planets

Anniversary Dinner
Color night tour of the Falls
Floral Clock
Strange things happen on the road
Ben & Jerry's ice cream plant

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