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First thing every morning on board the Ocean Princess, Phil and Angie would find a newsletter called the Princess Patter, which would tell them about the days' activities.  So they decided to do that for you here.  Pretty clever huh. 

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Day 7 - College Fjord, Alaska, United States

September 8, 2000

Our last full day on board the Ocean Princess brought us to the College Fjord collection of glaciers.

College Fjord picture
College Fjord picture
College Fjord picture
Our first view of College Fjord, about 80-90 miles southeast of Seward and located in Prince William Sound.
College Fjord is so named because all 12 glaciers are named for Ivy League schools.  The women's schools are on the main inlet, with the mens in the middle and farther in.
Harvard Glacier
Harvard Glacier
Holoyoke Glacier
This shot gives you a pretty good look down the center of the fjord, with Harvard Glacier in the center.  Harvard is the only men's school we would see, since most of the others are not easily accessable by large cruise ships.
Our first approach to Harvard Glacier.
Holoyoke Glacier.  First of the women's school glaciers, on what is called the "left side" of the fjord.
Bernard Glacier
Harvard Glacier
Wellesley Glacier
Bernard Glacier.
Another more revealing view of Harvard Glacier, which sits right in the middle of the glacier field.
Wellesley Glacier.
Bryn Mawr Glacier
College Fjord picture
Vassar Glacier
Skipping one glacier for a moment, this is Bryn Mawr Glacier.
A pretty good shot of the left coast of College Fjord.
Between Wellesley and Bryn Mawr Glaciers is Vassar.  In my opinion, the most interesting looking of all of them.
Vassar Glacier
Vassar Glacier
South Glacier
A closeup shot of the iceflow of Vassar Glacier.
Vassar Glacier head on.  A joining of two split iceflows.
Just off the left of Harvard Glacier is South Glacier.
Klondike Express
Ice chunks
Ships like the Klondike Express can go into some of the smaller inlets that bigger ships like ours can't.
Icebergs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and compositions.
Harvard Glacier
Harbor Seals
Harbor Seals
A good view of the mountains at the back end of Harvard Glacier, looking just above its' icefield.
The black spots you see on the ice chunks in front of Harvard Glacier are Harbor Seals.
A better view of the Harbor Seals.  They come this far into the fjord because the ice chunks confuse the whales who would feed on them.
Harvard Glacier
College Fjord picture
Angie on iceberg duty
A great long shot of Harvard Glacier, taken from about 5 miles out!
Notice the difference in the water color.  The darker coloring is silt from the melting glacial iceflow.
Angie spotting icebergs!
Iceberg off the bow
Iceberg picture
Angie finishing iceberg duty
At this point, the iceberg or ice chunk if you prefer, is about 5-10 feet off our bow.
It's said that if you fall into the waters of College Fjord, you are more likely to get dirty then wet!
Successfully completing a hard day's work of iceberg spotting!
Our dinner partners
Enter the Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska parade
Our formal dinner partners for one last night.  Galye and Jim Gribbons of downstate Ottawa, Illinois of all places.
A grand production for Baked Alaska.  Our last dessert on board the Ocean Princess.
The waiters come filing out of the kitchen and start parading around the main dining room floor with these huge platters of some merengie creation.
Mario brings ours
Floriano serves Mrs. Gribbons
Mrs. Barker gets hers
Our assistant waiter Mario brings us ours.
Floriano, our waiter, serves a slice to Mrs. Gribbons.
And one for Mrs Barker..but wait...something is missing.
The chocolate sauce
Mario and Angie
Floriano and Angie
Ahhh...the chocolate sauce!  Now the dessert is complete.
Mario and Angie.
Floriano and Angie.
Valentino and Angie
Mario, Valentino, Angie and Floriano
Tubtim Samwansri and Angie
Our head waiter, the birthday boy Valentino.
L-R:  Mario, Valentino, Angie and Floriano.
Our chambermaid, Tubtim Samwansri (don't feel bad, it took us almost the whole trip to pronounce it.)
Our last night of chocolates on the pillows
Our last bedtime chocolates...sigh.

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