Both Angie and Phil know a lot about computers, but Phil is really keen about something called a Macintosh®.  Here are some pictures about a store that's being built in downtown Chicago that will sell lots and lots of them very soon!

See you later!

See how the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue began!

Michigan Avenue is nicknamed "The Magnificent Mile" for very good reasons.
So how do you get a store there?  Well...

street signs
Old GAP store
construction pic
Date:  early Nov, 2002
For almost a year and a half, the old GAP store has remained vacant.
Suddenly a flurry of activity.
construction pic
construction pic
construction pic
In the blink of an eye, the third floor is hollow.
An interesting perspective shot.
Now the third floor is gone completely!
Long shot of Apple Store canopy
Closer shot.
Apple logo on canopy, close up shot.
Date: late Nov, 2002
The sign goes up.  The rumors are true!
The long awaited Apple Store on Michigan Ave has finally arrived.
construction pic
construction pic
construction pic
Lots to do before Memorial Day, 2003 guys!
Overhead shot of the exposed 2nd floor.
Close up shot.
construction pic
construction pic
construction pic
Can I park this here?
Date:  early January, 2003
Lots of changes made.
construction pic
construction pic
Overhead shot of Apple Store canopy walkway
Creating a central core, for an escalator perhaps?
Wonder how many of the people who will walk here already own a Macintosh®?
construction pic
construction pic
construction pic
Date:  late Jan. 2003:  Starting to lay the gridwork for the third floor.
Looks like patchwork quilt next door.
Easy, easy.  OK.  GOT IT!

Now that they are done knocking things down,
click here to see the store get put together!

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