penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Right after Angie and Phil moved into their new house, they discovered that their garage wasn't quite as big as they needed. So they decided to have a new one built. Penguins don't have garages. Come to think of it...MOM....what IS a garage?

See you later!

When we started this project in April of 2012, Danley's GarageWorld told us that Evanston is notorious for taking a long time to approve construction permit requests. As it turned out, it took a REALLY long time to approve! What should have been a 4-week process turned into a 10-week gut-wrenching nightmare!
We actually had to submit 3 separate permit applications before Evanston got one THEY liked!

Once the actual take down and construction started, things went pretty smooth.
Laying the cement slab did however happen to coincide with the hottest 2 days in Illinois history!

Completion achieved, approximately 4:30 PM, July 13, 2012!!

View from our back door.
Alley view of old garage.
Bobcat meets garage..
Garage looses!
What was a cabinet.
Nice scrap metal.
A pile of rubble.
Drive it on home!
A smaller pile of rubble.
A kinder, gentler pile.
A pre-cement view.
Filling in the big empty.
A dibs marker?
Paging Mike Rowe!
All poured out.
Newer alley view.
Cement, day 2.
Up to date 7/6/12
This shook the house, 7/11..7:00AM
A freakin' awesome sight.
There IS an alley behind this monster!
Inside...nice door!
Putting down the shingles.
Told ya there was an alley!
Diggin' for copper (wire).
Let's all join together.
First signs of power.
The choir sings in the backgroud.

But wait....there's more!
April 26, 2013. We now have gutters!

For those of you who are interested in such things, all of these shots were taken with an Apple iPhone!

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