penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

While it's a myth that penguins mate for life, we DO move quite a bit, mostly from one big iceberg to another. It looks like Phil and Angie moved too! I hope they sent Mom a change of address card!

See you later!

Here are some pictures of our new home, taken before we moved in all our stuff!
We will post more pics after we get all of it put where it belongs.

We promised you pics of the house after we get stuff put where it here they are!

Angie will begin our tour...
The empty living room.
Our entertainment room.
The old kitchen.

Kitchen w/new cabinets.

Empty bedroom.

The master bedroom.

Empty guest bedroom.

Furnished guest bedroom.

Bathroom (w/phone!)
Bathroom (w/more then phone!)
Empty computer room.
Phil's desk...AKA the Star Trek shrine!
Angie's bookcase.
Angie's desk and other bookcase!
Our "hallway!"
A lonely furnace now becomes...
a pantry.
A rather empty utility room...
Becomes a rather FULL utility room!
That's all folks!

Check out our new garage!
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