penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Angie surprised Phil with a special birthday trip to a place called St. Louis. They have this thing called an Arch (whatever that is) that they are pretty famous for. We are famous for penguins and being really cold down here in the Antarctic. Doesn't look too cold up in St. Louis!

Happy Birthday Phil!

See you later!

Apparently, St. Louis is one of those places that people drive (or in our case fly) through, but don't actually stop in.

Angie decided that we should change that! We spent my 60th birthday weekend at the Gateway to the West. We went up inside the Arch and then had dinner on a Mississippi river boat. It was a pretty cool time.

Thanks Angie. It was fun spending time in St. Louis with you. :-)

Approaching St. Louis, you see the Arch for the first time.
These windows let you look out from the inside
A closer view.
The dedication plaque to the Arch National Monument
Angie to the East..
Phil to the West!
For those of you who want an even closer look!
This courthouse was where the Dredd Scott trial took place.
Waiting in line to get into one of 8 little capsules.
This is what you travel inside the Arch in.
Entrance to the Museum beneath the Arch.
Thomas Jefferson
The builders of the Arch.
What the pioneers heading west found.
Perhaps Johnny Reb?
A not so covered wagon.
Riding in style.
July 20th, 1969
Storm clouds massing.
The upper deck of our dinner riverboat.
Hi Angie!
Can't have a riverboat cruise without banjo music.
A fully-functional riverboat.
Old-style paddle wheels
Working the Mighty 'Miss
We suspect the black pipes lower for the overpasses.
Rainbows and tugboats.
A bridge under construction.
This shot was at 9:13 PM
Same bridge, about 15 minutes later!
St. Louis skyline.

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