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Phil and Angie like to travel alot...and take adventures too. From what Mom told me, they basically got in the car, found a highway, turned left and sort of ended up in the capital of Illinois for the weekend. Pretty cool, huh?

See you later!

Springfield, Illinois


Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Air Force side
Illinois Korean Memorial
Approaching the Illinois Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The memorial is a five-sided construct, with each side bearing the seal of one of the five branches of the United States military forces.
Each side contains the name of the Illinois soldiers from that particular branch who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
In the same cemetary, not far from the Vietnam Memorial, is the Illinois Korean Memorial.
Close up shot
close up of unknown soldier quote
approaching Lincoln Memorial
It too has each of the five branches represented with the names of those who sacrificed themselves.
It also has some interesting observations about how the Korean Conflict was perceived at the time
By far however, the most popular location in the cemetary is the Lincoln Memorial.
lincoln memorial closeup
bust of lincoln
toching the nose of lincoln
These are some of the various occurrances in Lincoln's life, as represented by statutes surrounding the memorial.
This bust of Lincoln is flat-out the most popular part of the whole place. If you look closely, you can see that the normal weathering effect on the bust has been worn away by people rubbing the nose for good luck!
See what I mean!!
lincoln sitting
lincoln statue
lincoln's tomb
All of the statues inside the memorial are either original or miniature representations of various Lincoln items throughout the United States. This one is a smaller version of the one just inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
This one is a small copy of a Lincoln statue right here in Chicago's Lincoln Park.

This is the ACTUAL burial place of Abraham Lincoln's body. Behind us are the burial sites of his wife and their children, save one. The absent one is buried in Arlington National Cemetary in Washington D.C.

capital building
capital building front
lincoln statue
Of course, no visit to any capital would be complete without the requisite shots of the capital itself.
Another statue of Lincoln.
entrance to state capital
unique door handles
womens's sufferage statue
My what shiney door knobs you have there.
Pretty cool, huh?
As you enter the main level of the state capital building, you are greeted by a statue representing the Womens' Sufferage movement.
Lt. Allen display
abstract Chicago painting
capital dome
Another display leading to the main lobby is this one, about Lt. Allen. It is a pretty interesting story, but you will just have to go there to find out what it is
This abstract painting about Chicago through it's birth, death and eventual rising from it's ashes was on the wall of one of the side halls off the lobby.
A shot from directly below the capital dome building...can YOU tell which word is misspelled?

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