penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Antarctica isn't as popular a tourist attraction as Philadelphia. We don't have monuments to fighters or revolutionary buildings. But we do have some wicked snow slides and all the fish you can catch!

See you later!

When we were driving into New Jersey, we made the mistake of driving through Philadelphia, and decided we would not do THAT again.
Fortunately, the resort had a day trip bus ride to "the city of brotherly love" so we decided to let them drive.

Rocky is normally in front of the Art Museum but it under construction.
Life merging with art?
Panoramic view of the first US Supreme Court home.
The Liberty Bell Center
Describing the crack.
A veiw of the Bell and its crack
A shot of the back of the bell.
Another angle of the cracked bell.
Independance Hall
Freedom is always under construction.

Rear entrance to Independance Hall

Assembly Hall
Meeting place of the first Continental Congress
Declaration (Graff) House. Guess what was written here?
Pat's...The King of Steaks.

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