penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Every year around this time, Angie and Phil take what they call a vacation. Penguins don't go on vacations. Come to think of it, penguins don't go anywhere. I'm gonna have to talk to Mom about this!

See you later!

We had been trying to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a few years now, and in 2011, we finally got there. We somehow managed to avoid two hurricanes in the process.
Myrtle Beach is good for two things; golf and hanging at the pool/ocean.
We don't play golf, so guess what we did!

Fog over Myrtle Beach
Pools open 24 hours here.
Great clouds.
This is as close as we got to hurricane effect.
Spent LOTS of time here.
Cool clouds.
RedWings t-shirt shot.
Another RedWings t-shirt shot.
Angie's sister Amy.
RedWings t-shirt shot #1
RedWings t-shirt shot #2
Our photographer, Amy!
Angie on the beach
One out of many shells.
Interesting resort formation.
Angie playing on the beach.
One of her prize catches.
A cool formation.
Nice waves.
Beach art.
Resort waterfall.
No cool buds, just tasty waves.
Art for arts' sake.
Fun-looking waterfall.
This sign was accurate WHEN?
Hurricane evacuation signs.
Fried bologna ..or is it baloney?
Just how old IS this sign!
If you NEED to find these signs....DUCK!
A local delicacy.
Does the road ever end?
Tunnel warning sign.
Who said sex and religion can't co-exist.
The road goes on forever.
If you NEED to find this sign...STOP!
Sin and forgiveness, all in one place!
A peaceful sunrise at Hotel Myrtle Beach.
With apologies to The Eagles, "Hotel Myrtle Beach".

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