penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

When Phil and Angie were discussing where to go for vacation in 2006, Angie had one thing she wanted - NOT to go south or east. Seeing as how that left Antartica out, she found a nice little place called Holly's Resort in Minnesota. It looks like they had a very relaxing time.

See you later!

Minnesota is called the land of 10,000 lakes. While we certainly didn't see ALL of them
we did see enough of them in all shapes and sizes to make us believe the claim.
The one we stayed on was called Holly's Resort, on Otter Tail Lake, in Battle Lake.

route map to Battle Lake, Minnesota

Our home for the next week.
And also internet (for a price.)
The Boat House
Dining Room
Living Room
1st bedroom
2nd bedroom
Indoor outhouse.

These next few pictures are of various signs and landscapes we happened upon, in no particular order or importance.

These acrons were dropping like, well acorns!
So laid back, they sit down to chop wood here!
Did we REALLY leave Chicago?
Apparently snowmobilers need smaller traffic signs.
While not in Minnesota, Angie was VERY happy to see this sign outside of Fargo, ND!
The GOOD china!

Exploring Minnesota
Sunrise over Otter Tail Lake

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