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Quite a while ago, even before he met Angie, Phil took a trip across "the big pond" to visit Ireland. It looks like a very pretty place to go. Maybe Mom will let us go there sometime.

See you later!

Visiting Ireland

The United States has always had more then a passing interest in Ireland. Countless Irish people have emmigrated here, which why we have more people of Irish decent then there are in the Emerald Isle itself. We also make a bigger deal out of St. Patrick's Day then they do. Having always admired the land of 40 shaded of are some pictures of the land that even now tugs at my heart!


shot of limerick inn
grazing cows
Irish countryside shot
Day 1. Limerick Inn. Yes, THAT limerick! Just outside of Shannon, on the western coast.
How many times do you see cows grazing next to your hotel parking lot.
One of the trememdous views of the Ireland landscape.
castle banquet
Day 2. Harkening back to the days of kings and princesses, a medieval castle banquet.
One of the troubadours telling stories.
Ladies-in-waiting singing tails of ole.
dancing maids
Irish countryside shot
Cliffs of Moher shot
Dancing maids.
A reminder of why this is called the land of 40 shades of green.
Day 3. Approaching the Cliffs of Moher.
long shot of Cliffs of Moher
long way down
Irish countryside shot
The cliffs are a 700 foot vertical drop. Only a pipe fence barrier...
seperates you from the cold Atlantic Ocean below.
Looking like a landscape from some distant world..come to think of it, it really is!
O'Brien's Tower
O'Brien's Tower
Kathleen's pub dancer
Standing watch for invaders from the sea..
O'Brien Tower
Kathleens' pub. A traditional Irish eatery with a wonderful display of dancing...
pub musicians
more dancers
dancers taking a bow
and more dancing.
Some of the dancers in the Riverdance roadshow have come from Kathleen's!
Irish countryside shot
Irish countryside shot
Irish countryside shot
Day 4. Heading down the western coast to the Dingle peninsula
Hard to envision these stone buildings could be as much as 500-700 years old!
Irish countryside shot
Irish countryside shot
Irish countryside shot
A typical Irish coastal day. Overcast, but still a marvel to behold.
Phil at the shore
Irish countryside shot
jaunting car
A quiet, singular walk along the beach.
Day 5. Preparing to board a jaunting car from Killarney Park hotel.
heading out for the day
Muckross House and Gardens
Irish countryside shot
Heading out for a day's outing.
Our first stop, Muckross House and Gardens.
Heading down the western coast to the Rings of Kerry. Located on the westernmost part of Ireland, it is also the westernmost part of Europe.
Irish countryside shot
colorful storefronts
Irish countryside shot
Every year, Ireland holds a Tidy Town competition. Just one of the reasons for such clean and unique looking storefronts.
One can only imagine how long that house has been there...
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Phil in the Murder Hole
Day 6. Blarney Castle
Only tourists kiss the Blarney Stone. The locals do ... other things with it.
The Murder Hole. Encroaching invaders could be trapped and attacked from here.
Blarney Castle grounds
Irish countryside shot
Waterford Crystal Factory
Looking point to warn of invading English or Moorish armies.
We are definately in a place with a slightly slower pace to life!
Day 7. Waterford Crystal factory. The last time these furnances were turned off was when the factory was moved. It takes six weeks to relight and bring them to proper temperature.  For a more in-depth tour of Waterford, click above.
Waterford Crystal furnace
Waterford Crystal artisans
old crystal grinding/cutting machine
Beginning the process of shaping and forming the glass.
Because of the intricate designs of Waterford Crystal, all of the blowing, turning and cutting is still done by hand.
An old crystal grinding/cutting machine.
Apprentice Bowl
virgin mary shrine
The Apprentice Bowl. The final exam for a five-year apprenticeship. The bowl contains every cut Waterford uses. If the apprentice cannot successfully cut it in three attempts, he is refused admittance as a glass cutter.
Day 8. On the way to Dublin, the Virgin Mary serves as a reminder of how deep seated the religious beliefs are in the Emerald Isle.

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