penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Our diet consists mostly of whatever fish we can get. Sort of our version of the "catch of the day". We don't know from luau's. But it looks like something it would be fun to have once and a while. Just for a little variety.

See you later!

A luau is a celebratory and traditional Hawaiian feast.
Angie and I went to one the first time we were in the islands, but her sister Amy had never been to one.
This is what it was like.

A little native singing
some native stonework
and some threatening clouds.
Lots of vendors at this luau
Blowing the horn to signal the beginning of the festivities
Lots of native dancing
More native dancing
This little keiki was doing her own dancing
She put on a pretty good show of her own.
Even this little guy was getting ready for the evening's events.
Audience participation part of the show.
The night's performance continues.

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