penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Antartica has two kinds of weather. Cold and REALLY cold. So we really don't get a lot of typhoons or tsunamis and such.
It seems that where Angie and Phil where, the same cannot be said. I hope they had good weather up there.

See you later!

At one time, Laupahoehoe was a thriving sea port on the northeast coast of Hawai's Island.
After the tsunami of 1946 almost wiped out the port of Hilo,
it became much more important to the island's commercial ventures.
Unfortunately, even this port did not escape the ravages of that tsunami on its way down from Alaska.

Can't use this dock anymore.
Water is pretty rough
around these rocks.
A very intense-looking breakwater barrier.
The mighty Pacific Ocean waits.
Information about the Port of Laupahoehoe
A memorial marker to the people who lost their lives when the 1946 tsunami hit.

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