penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

We don't have volcanos here. Nothing much erupts except for an occasional polar bear out from behind a ice cliff. You take what you get. I think erupting volcanos would just make a big mess here.

See you later!

The Hawaiian Islands as a whole are built on volcanos. Some are active, most are not.
Angie and I went to see one of the more recently active shield volcanos called Kilauea (prononced KE la u A ah).
About a week and a half after we came home, it started to erupt massively!
Just proves that the volcano goddess Pele is indeed a female.
She does what she wants on HER schedule and is not to be trifiled with!

Beyond these trees
is the crater of the
shield volcano Kilauea.
This out cropping was erupting about 3 months before we got here.
Steam vents are all over the crater.
This is one video of the crater we shot.
Angie shot this one.
These are the little bugs flying around in her video.
A very informative marker about Kilauea.

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