penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Antartica is the southern most part of Earth. As Mr. Bill Murray would say "That's the fact Jack!" It looks like Angie and Phil found the southern most part of the United States. close.

See you later!

If you ask most people what the southern most part of the United States is,
they would probably say someplace in the Florida Keys.
They would be wrong.
The southern most part of the United States is at the far end of The Big Island, at a place called Kalae.

A warning not to fall off the edge of the world!
Folks will party anywhere.
Or fish for that matter.
It's a fairly unknown road to almost nowhere.
Contrary to popular belief
there are cattle on The Big Island. Sorry Jen.
Can you get HBO with those?
Probably not.
Fairly desolate landscape.
A lone wanderer.
HEY! That's us!
Heading back to relative civilization.
Plants WILL grow on lava flows.
It takes a while..
but it does happen.
What you are looking at and why.

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