penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

We have floating icebergs down here in Antartica, so I guess those are sort of islands. Anyway, Angie and Phil went to visit some island called Hilton Head. We don't name our islands, we just put walruses on them. Looks like they had a good time down there.

See you later!

Contrary to popular belief, Hilton Head Island is NOT named after Conrad the hotel guy,
but rather Captain William Hilton.
He visited it in 1683, liked it and decided to name it after himself. Must be nice!

If you build it...
A REAL one-room schoolhouse
Praise be.
Let religious freedom ring.
Apparently merging is an aquired skill down there.
A quiet inlet.
One of the many gated communities?
Live Oak with Spanish Moss
A jungle up there.
A very enlightened view.
What would a seconds burrito be like?
Slave's cabin
Take full advantage of the natural cover.
John Stoney...
was here.

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