penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Eliza Rebecca Rex has been showing off her stuff here for better then three years now. It's been fun watching her grow up! Here are some of the highlights of what she's been doing, plus some brand new pics just for US!

See you later!

Updated 1/18/2005

It's SO hard for a girl to decide what to wear, especially after three years!


Being a baby is HARD work.
I'm gonna need to see my hairdresser!
I like this Mom person. She holds and feeds me.
I gotta work on this eating thing a bit more.
3 1/2 months and so cute!
No bear rug.
Hangin' at the beach at 5 months.
Vote early, vote often!
But officer...
Is this close enough?
Me and Mom posing.
That's my mom!
Me and Aunt Angie.
Click to see my first movie!
Does this come off Unca Phil?
Hey Justin!
Playing with my Aunt Bonnie.
Any requests?
So many presents, so little space!
Hail to the victors movie!
Can we talk?
Swimmin' with cousin Amanda.
Pumpkin time movie!

And now that I'm three, Mom decided it was time I had some new pics to share!
I never knew Pooh was so BIG!
Go Blue!
This was NOT my idea!
I'm ready for my closeup!
Such a cutie-pie!
Somebody call Hef!

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud