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This page will tell you about one of my two best friends, Angie Barker! I really like her a lot, and I'll bet you will too.

See you later!

Name:  Angela R. Barker
Whereabouts:  Chicago, IL


My bio in a nutshell – I’m originally from south-central Michigan, specifically Jackson, even more specific, Napoleon, where I graduated high school in 1988.  Go Pirates!  I then attended JCC over a course of three years, both full and part time.  I was also working at the A&W Drive-in in Michigan Center, which I left after twelve years in 1998.  I then worked for a propane gas company, in the office, for eight months before moving to Chicago and getting married.

Once here in the Windy City, I’m only on my third job in the last seven years.  For a year and a half, I was a billing clerk at the Financial Relations Board.  I left there to join a friend at Jordan Mozer & Associates doing accounting and administrative work for the architecture firm.  Currently, I was fortunate enough to get a position at one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in Chicago, Kirkland & Ellis, as a billing assistant.  I absolutely love this job and the people I’m working with.  It was the smartest move I ever made.

Phil and I got married on September 3rd, 1999, in Jackson.  After many attempts and subsequent health issues it looks as though children are not in our future.  But our cat, Sunkist, certainly fills that void.  We keep busy with work and on the weekends, going to the movies or shopping.  I’ve also belonged to a Curves for almost two years.  It has helped me maintain my weight loss and I’ve made a couple of good friends, too.  It’s a nice environment to workout in.  Give their website a gander and see if it’s something you’re interested in joining.


Favourite Food: Mexican.
Favourite Drink: Diet Pepsi.
Favourite Authors: There are so many, but here's three of them: Patricia Cornwell, Barbara Delinsky and James Patterson.
Favourite Band: Van Halen.
Favourite Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Favourite Movie(s): Casablanca (classic) & Twister (recent).
Favourite Actor(s): The late, great Jimmy Stewart & my own recent discovery of Cary Grant.
Favourite Actress(es): Goldie Hawn & Katherine Hepburn.
Favourite Sports Team: The Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Red Wings.
Favourite TV Show(s): The CBS Monday night lineup, from 7PM-9PM CT and Wednesday night 7PM-8PM CT.
Roseanne will ALWAYS be #1!

Hobbies: Collecting recipes from magazines, anything to do with Penguins, music, movies, books, the NFL and the NHL.

Some of my favourite web sites not already listed:
Uproar My favourite place to play online games.
Redbook I have to read the "diary of V!"
Urban Legends Gotta keep track of all those wacked out chain e-mail letters!
Barnes and Noble Bookstores My favourite place to buy books off the web.
CNN News, all the time, anywhere!
Hotmail The first web based e-mail site I found about. It's been a God send.
Lycos My search engine of choice.
Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper It's the only way to keep track of who's died and who's getting married back home.
Yahoo I finally broke down and got an email addy. Now, thanks to my sister, I also play some of the games on there.
NBC5 Local NBC-affiliate television station - news.
Chicago Tribune Local newspaper.

Take a visit to one of Angie's home town haunts by clicking HERE.

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