penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Mom says it's too far away from Antarctica for me to go stay in Chicago with Phil and Angie. So they went and got a little cat instead. Sometimes you just have to settle! HAHAHA.

See you later!

Name: Sunkist
Whereabouts: Evanston, IL


I am a calico cat named Sunkist (like the orange, which I have lots of in my shiny coat!) Phil and Angie drove all the way to Algonquin (which is a long way to go) to come and adopt me. We aren't sure exactly when my birthday is, but we think it's around January of 2003. They bought a really cool cat carrier for me to come home in, which of course I spent the entire trip trying to get out of. While we are on that subject, I don't travel well and don't like being picked up, so you can imagine how much I REALLY enjoy that cool cat carrier!

I'm kind of shy and it took a while for me to get used to being the ONLY cat in the place, not to mention being in the city. That's cause the place I used to live had a LOT of cats and was sort of in the country. Since we've moved to our new house, I like to spend a lot of time looking out the big front windows and watching the traffic and waiting for my Daddy, Phil!

Occasionally, I will wake up, go wandering around the house, meow really loud, and then just kind of stand there in one of my kittie beds with a toy in my mouth. Angie thinks its a catching prey sort of thing, but I just like to play with toys late at night.

Here are some more pictures of my cute self!

Can't a girl get some beauty sleep?
Can I get on your lap?
Hangin' with sis.
Sleeping on my (Daddy's) chair.
Napping on the couch.
Nice lighting.
Cats like playing with boxes.
Angie calls this my Princess pose.
What's under here?

Checking out the water dish.

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