penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Penguins don't have wars. We do have fights with polar bears and sea lions for food and stuff but that's about it.

Why do humans have wars?

Pearl Harbor is still an active military location, as well as the sight of the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri. The Missouri has seen active duty as recently as the Gulf War, and is ready to be called into service if needed.
Lei's are tossed into the harbor to honor those who gave their lives in service to our country.

The Arizona Memorial in the distance.
USS Missouri at dock.
An active radar installation
Approaching the Arizona Memorial.
One of her vent stacks
Arizona dedication plaque.
Waimaka 'Ele'ele or "lack tears" from the Arizona
The USS Missouri as seen from the Arizona.
A lei for Phil's Dad.
A lei from Phil
One from Angie.
Ours were the only leis given in honor that day.
The crew of the Arizona
Arizona survivors interred with their shipmates
Approaching the USS Missouri
Her bow
Permission to come aboard.
A failed kamakazi attack
Working the teak decking
turning this
into this.
The bridge and coning tower
Mess hall below decks
Trash it properly.
The modern Navy.
Arizona Memorial from the Missouri
Which is more powerful?

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*Emperor penguin chick photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud