penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

No malls, no shopping centers, no places to buy anything in the Antartic. Fortunately for Phil and Angie, the same cannot be said for Honolulu.

See you later!

We knew long before we got to O'ahu that one place we wanted to visit was the International Market Place. It's basically an open-aired curio market, where in some cases you can barter!
We did some shopping, had lunch, did some more shopping and so on.

Get your hula on!
Just in case you didn't already know.
Ready, set...SHOP!
A quiet start.
Time for some shopping fuel.
Bartering in action!
A craftsman at work.
The finished product.
Where's LL Cool J or Danno?
Lots to see.
Words to live by.
Shoppers one and all.
Things you
WON'T see
on a Chicago street!
Elvis is NOT dead.
He's running a shop in O'ahu!
A powered catamaran?

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