penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

It looks like Phil and Angie did a little exploring while they were in Minnesota. The scenery looks a lot different then what we have at the South Pole.

See you later!

We had virtually nothing planned in advance for this trip.
It was literally decided on the spur of the moment.
One of the things Angie wanted to make sure she did was go beachcombing.
So she did.. twice!

Walking Otter Tail Lake
HMMMM... what's this?
Unknown white squiggly thing.
The docks behind our cabin.
Cold water!
Doin' the Mikey Teutul!
I think I'm stuck!
Taking inventory.
Catch of the day.
Lake Country Gardens
Indian power, part one.
Indian power, part two.
And you thought Chicago was tough on smokers!
A hitchhiker.
Phelps Mill.
Imagine using JUST this to grind grain!
Phelps Mill history. Short and sweet, like the wheat!
Chattin' up the locals
Is this Minnesota or Wisconsin?
Now THIS is Minnesota!
Get back to work Pauly!
Up, up and away!
The long road ahead.
The view from the backseat.

Holly's Resort
Sunrise over Otter Tail Lake

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